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In the heart of the dynamic Vendée, company Symta-Pièces is a family business of 80 people.

Recognized professionals of the agricultural spare parts,
with 60 000 parts number on stock….

The specialist of interchangeable spare parts for tractors and combine harvesters Fiat, Ford, New Holland and Laverda

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Interchangeable spare parts for tractors and combine harvesters


Adjustable sieves


Steering ball joints





PTO shaft

Linkage parts


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  • Picto origines

    The origins of
    1900 to 1940

    The history of our family business takes place in the Vendée at the beginning of the 1900s, to Saint-Florent-des-Bois.

    Then in 1940, the agricultural works company moved to Moutiers-les-Mauxfaits: Grandfather Mallardeau led the threshing company, which would become a Braud dealership.

  • Picto aventure yonnaise

    1955 : beginning of
    the Yonnaise

    In 1955 the company became a SOMECA dealership and moved to La Roche sur Yon, under the new name of SYMTA.

    From the city center, the company settled in 1966 in the southern zone on the outskirts of the city

  • Picto symta

    1989 : birth of

    The SOMECA dealership ended 1989 to become SYMTA-PIECES

    We are specialized in interchangeable spare parts for FIAT et LAVERDA tractors and combines, and spares for PTO, linkage and tillage.


    1991 : the range

    The takeover of FORD NEW-HOLLAND by FIAT open the door to new opportunities.

    We develop parts for the "blue" tractors and the "yellow" combinesseaves by the end of 1994.

  • Picto extension des locaux

    1995 : extension of premises & stock

    To ensure the development of our range of BENZI PTO shafts, we built an additional 1000 m² storage, quickly followed by two other extension.

  • Picto bâtiment

    2001 : 4000 m²

    We integrate new product ranges (SKF bearings, adjustable sieves...) and conclude a partnership with LAVERDA.

    This development led to the construction of a new 4000 m² warehouse.

  • Picto développement

    2000s : ranges and
    brands developpement

    The company continues to modernize.

    We successively integrate the following brand products: WALTERCHEID, CBM, GATES, TIMKEN, GRAMMER, KAB, BONDIOLI, DONALDSON, always in a spirit of service and quality, by developing premium brands.

  • Picto aventure

    2012-2016 :
    the adventure continues...

    After a further expansion of 1000 m² in 2012, we are again in a major project which will give rise to an additional 6000 m² warehouse.

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